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Comparable to mid-to-high-end brands Aiways U6 is priced at up to 51,000 euros in Europe



Aiways U6 2

Aiways U6 – second model Aiways U6 was launched in China, the European version of Aiways U6 is currently also listed in Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and other six European countries, the official price is 39,990 euros (excluding subsidies and VAT), according to the policies and subsidy standards of different countries, the actual price is also different.

Aiways u6 price

At present, the six countries that have announced prices are: Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, with prices ranging from 45,500 euros, 46,990 euros, 49,140 euros, 379,990 Danish kroner, 549,990 Swedish kroner and 47,490 Swiss francs.

Aiways U6

As a model based on the exclusive MAS platform of pure electric vehicles, the all-new AIWAYS U6 integrates trend, intelligence, high-end and internationalization, representing the latest achievements and strength of AIWAYS in the new energy track, and also demonstrating the confidence and determination of AIWAYS to target the global “mid-to-high-end” market.


The move of “simultaneous listing at home and abroad” reflects the efficient collaboration between AIWAYS’ R&D and the market. In this regard, Li Hui, Vice President of AIWAYS, said: “The first production model launched by AIWAYS, AIWAYS, has received excellent responses in European countries and has been sold in more than 20 overseas countries, which gives us great encouragement, and we hope to bring better new energy products to Europe and grow together with the local market.” The launch of the European version of AIWAYS U6 not only enriches AIWAYS’ product lineup in the European market, but also accelerates AIWAYS’ globalization process. ”

The European version of the Aiways U6 power battery has a capacity of 63kWh version, and the maximum cruising range reaches 400km under WLTP test conditions, and the power can be changed from 20% to 80% in only 35min in fast charging mode. Thanks to the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the European version of Aiways U6 can bring 160kW peak power and 315Nm peak torque, super performance brings the ultimate driving experience. In terms of intelligence, the European version of Aiways U6 is equipped with a number of intelligent driving assistance systems, including IACC intelligent adaptive cruise, AEB automatic emergency braking, LDW lane departure warning, LKA road departure assist, etc., which can greatly improve the convenience of travel. In addition, as an intelligent pure electric coupe SUV created for young people with dreams in their hearts and light in their eyes, the European version of Aiways U6 also provides two personalized color options, Yangyan Yellow and Titan Green, which integrates a sense of luxury with fresh style, and is more in line with the aesthetics and preferences of young users around the world.

Aiways U6
Aiways U6 road running map

In terms of vehicle design, the European version of Aiways U6 adopts the design concept of “global sports aesthetics”. Among them, the X-shaped shark nose front face design makes the front of the car look very powerful and recognizable. The interior emphasizes horizontal stretching and simple technological visual effects, and the overall presentation of “simple and cutting-edge” style characteristics. The world’s first interstellar cruise gear shift handle is also a major feature of the European version of Aiways U6, which can easily awaken young people’s yearning for the sci-fi sense of the car cockpit.


Aiways U6 is priced at up to 51,000 euros in Europe

The launch of the European version of Aiways U6 not only enriches the product matrix of Aiways, but also allows European users to enjoy the excellent quality of luxury brands. In accordance with the strict design, manufacturing, verification and production control system of German cars, Aiways U6 is built by the “digital + physical” twin factory built by Aiways with Industry 4.0 standards, and the high-standard manufacturing process has successfully obtained the most “golden” EU WVTA certification in the world. Especially in the creation of the body structure, Aiways U6 adopts a “upper steel and lower aluminum” body structure that takes into account both lightweight and high strength, which can effectively improve the endurance while ensuring higher safety. In addition, with the world’s first sandwich battery pack and motor waste heat recovery system and heat pump air conditioning, the winter endurance of Aiways U6 has also been significantly improved.

AIWAYS digital twin factory
AIWAYS digital twin factory

In addition to leading “China’s intelligent manufacturing” to the world, AIWAYS has also brought the high-quality sales and service model to the world, which also lays a solid foundation for the European version of AIWAYS U6 to enter overseas. As a new Chinese automaker that first had a complete sales and service system in Europe, AIWAYS has created a hybrid format of online and offline distribution and direct sales, bringing high-quality and differentiated intelligent car experience to overseas users through a sales and service model tailored to local conditions.

As a pioneer in the globalization of new energy vehicles in China, AIWAYS exported the first batch of 500 Aiways U5 units to the EU as early as May 2020, officially kicking off the prelude to China’s new energy start-ups going global, and gaining a firm foothold in Europe with the excellent product quality of U5. Not only that, AIWAYS created the first “explosive” market in Israel. After more than two years of accumulation, AIWAYS has been fully developed in overseas markets, as of November 30, AIWAYS has exported a total of 5,984 units, products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, and is currently fully developing the Southeast Asian market. Rich experience in going overseas and product quality certified by the European Union are accelerating the pace of AIWAYS’ globalization. In the future, the European version of Aiways U6 will be launched in more European countries and landed in the Israeli market, so that the “Chinese car” will continue to shine on the world stage.

About Aiways company

Founded in 2017, AIWAYS is an international intelligent new energy vehicle company and an intelligent travel service company with deep user participation, committed to continuously improving users’ travel experience with global intelligent technology, and achieving China’s new energy vehicle globalization pioneer. At present, Aiways has landed in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Slovenia, and is the first new Chinese automaker to export large quantities to the EU market, and will continue to expand its overseas market coverage in the future.



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Aiways U6

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