Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on

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Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on – Xiaomi finally released the new Xiaomi 13 series on December 11, Xiaomi mobile phones have begun to turn to the high-end route in recent years, Xiaomi 13 Pro is the fourth generation of Xiaomi’s high-end flagship, but also Xiaomi’s high-end exploration of the three-year answer.

In addition to Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, 120W fast charging, 50W wireless second charging, 2K ultra-visual screen that supports high refresh rate, and hardware upgrades such as intelligent dynamic refresh rate, we have got this phone, after a period of experience, this article will take you to understand how Xiaomi’s third high-end flagship performs.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 16


Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro is available in 4 colors, the back of this distant mountain blue version on the hand adopts nanotechnology leather technology, in addition to soft touch and delicate texture, it also has good resistance to UV aging and rain, stains, if stained with some common stains, can be easily cleaned off. The blue color scheme of the distant mountains is also like mountains hidden in the clouds, and the mystery is doubled.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 17

As the fourth generation of Xiaomi’s high-end flagship, every detail of Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro can make people feel the exquisite level of craftsmanship, the curve of the left and right borders and the upper and lower borders form a sharp contrast, making the overall visual impact more intense, the seam of the middle frame of the screen has been further chamfered, plus caulk, the touch is also very delicate and smooth.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 18

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 19

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro has a 6.73-inch LTPO low-power 2K screen, 3200 x 1440 high resolution, the texture is more delicate, and under the blessing of the new generation of E6 light-emitting materials, the luminous efficiency is greatly improved, the brightness of the outdoor full screen is as high as 1200nit, and the peak brightness can reach 1900nit, even in the sun, you can see a clear screen, say goodbye to outdoor photo anxiety.

The Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro screen has a PPI of up to 522, supports the four Hollywood HDR specifications of Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, and covers the wide color gamut of SRGB and P3 and native 10bit, providing the accuracy of a professional monitor-grade monitor and accurately restoring the details in the picture when shooting or watching HDR photos and videos.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 20

In addition, the screen of Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro supports 1-120Hz VRR stepless variable refresh rate, according to the change of the system screen moving speed, change the refresh rate, when stationary, the refresh rate immediately drops to 1Hz, which can save more power. VRR variable refresh rate technology also allows the phone to be in 60Hz mode, but can get a display delay equivalent to 120Hz. However, during use, we cannot detect the change in refresh rate with the naked eye, and the whole process is still very smooth and unfeeling.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 21

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro also has dual front and rear light sensitivity and ambient color temperature perception, which is more accurate in judging ambient light, brings a better automatic brightness perception, and with the blessing of eye protection mode, the screen minimizes eye damage.

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Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, using TSMC’s 4nm process technology, with the blessing of the ultra-large core Cortex X3, the peak performance is increased by 17% compared with the previous generation, and the A715 and A710 performance core clusters are fused, and the performance is increased by 50% compared with the previous generation while retaining 32-bit compatibility, reducing power consumption while improving performance, and the energy consumption ratio is the best in three years.

In addition to performance improvement, heat dissipation ability is also very important to user experience, Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro is equipped with 3400mm² ultra-large area VC heat dissipation, covering almost half of the body, allowing heat to be quickly exported. With such powerful heat dissipation, whether it is fast charging or daily games, there is no longer a worry about the phone overheating.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro’s running score in AnTuTu reached a very powerful 1297146 score, of which the CPU is 282569 points and the GPU is 571514, which can also be said to be the highest running score at present, more than a little higher than the Xiaomi 12S Ultra (1083122 points).

With a running score of close to 1.3 million, the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro can be described as the ceiling of the current smartphone running score.

In terms of storage testing, Xiaomi 13 Pro actually ran a read score of 3575MB/s in AnTuTu, and the writing score reached 2618MB/s, which is still very advantageous compared to the previous UFS3.1 in sequential reading and sequential writing.

It is worth saying that “Genshin” is turning on the “performance mode”, and turning on extremely high image quality plus 60 frame operation, based on the addition of 3400mm² ultra-large area VC heat dissipation, its entire temperature is very stable, at an indoor temperature of 10 °C, the temperature of the whole machine is maintained between 38 °C and 44 °C, and the frame rate of the game is also very stable, compared to the iPhone 14 Pro is also more “calm”.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 22

Running “Honor of Kings” on the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro, you can see that the frame rate has been able to go up to 120fps, and after a round, it can be maintained above 119fps in most cases, and the frame rate performance is still quite stable.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 23

Although the flagship chip can be fully utilized on the mobile phone, maintaining the highest performance will also significantly increase the heating problem and power consumption. In this regard, the VRR variable refresh rate plays a crucial role, allowing the phone to be in 60Hz mode, but can get the equivalent of 120Hz display delay, even under heavy load, still maintain stable picture output.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi 13 Pro has a 4820mAh single-cell battery, Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro also supports 120W fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging, The Paper G1 chip can accurately predict the available battery life of the mobile phone, and can provide battery maintenance according to the battery cell, delay battery aging.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 24

In terms of fast charging ability, Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro can be fully charged in 24 minutes in constant temperature mode, and in fast mode, the full charge time is shortened to only 19 minutes. In terms of wireless charging, the Xiaomi 13 Pro can provide 50W fast charging, which can be fully charged in only 36 minutes.

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Camera: Xiaomi & Leica

The Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro back camera module is equipped with three lenses, the main camera is IMX989, the focal length is 23mm, the aperture is f1.9, 50 million pixels, the aspect ratio is 4:3, the pixel fusion is 12.5 million, and the single pixel is 3.2μm at the same time, and supports Qcta-PD octa-core pixel focus.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 25

Leica ultra-wide angle, focal length of 14mm, aperture f2.2, 50 million pixels; Leica floating telephoto with a focal length of 75mm, aperture of f2.0, 50 million pixels, support 10cm super close-up.

From the configuration point of view, the camera module does adopt a fairly strong lineup, so what is the specific strength? Let’s take a look at the finished film.

Main camera

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 26

The main camera of Xiaomi 13 Pro is indeed very good, basically without P picture, you can shoot at will, first of all, the picture quality thanks to the 1-inch sensor, the entire resolution is indeed very good, so that the mobile phone can also shoot the effect of SLR. And this shooting effect is still after pixel fusion, the overall tone tendency is also pleasing to the user, at the same time its light and dark relationship contrast is very obvious, in addition to the maximum retention of the details in the bright places, the details in the dark are also very well handled, without missing any details.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 27

Telephoto using the camera preset 3.2X shooting, and 12S Ultra’s 48 million pixels 5X compared with the current 50 million pixels has been improved, 3.2X has actually met more needs of our daily life, from the finished film can be found that the entire resolution is very powerful, basically and the majority of mobile phones on the market main camera is the same, which also means that its usability is very high, even under the shooting of telephoto lenses, Still can maintain the clarity of the picture quality and the restoration of color and the powerful processing of details, the floating lens allows the shooting to complete 10cm super close-up, under the blessing of the pigeon feather details, can still be captured by Xiaomi’s powerful camera, for the capture effect is also very good, when I see the aerial bird flying tower, I take out the phone, instant shooting, can still record clear photos.


Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 28

Thanks to Xiaomi’s self-developed “Xiaomi Image Brain”, it can intelligently identify scenes while optimizing the quality of photos, and it can easily shoot for capturing many distant shots, and the image quality performance of the entire wide angle is also good, and the overall distortion control is very good.

Night view

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on
Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro hands-on: the new chapter of moving images 29

It is worth mentioning that the camera supports two styles of “Leica Vivid” and “Leica Classic”, and there are also a variety of Leica Classic filters in the system, which can be adjusted according to your preferences. For post-processing needs, the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro supports the RAW format in Pro mode, and also supports DNG Photo Spec and 10bit Adobe RGB, with Adobe Camera RAW profiles, which means you have more room for post-processing.

Xiaomi 13 Pro brings still the familiar Leica filter, Leica vivid, Leica natural, Leica monochrome, full of texture, of course, if you want to pursue the restoration of real scene colors, Xiaomi 13 Pro provides a “Leica Natural” filter, using this lens, the camera will automatically reduce saturation, so that the photos taken are more restored to the real world colors we see with our own eyes.

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In the camera settings, the previous everything is in focus, but the previous 12S Ultra’s unique multi-camera recording function is removed, and opening Dolby Vision in 4K 60 frame shooting can also make the picture more vivid, and the picture will be more stable with the blessing of HYperOIS stabilization, but unfortunately the 8K 24 frame picture does not support Dolby Vision, but overall, the strong combination of Xiaomi Image and Leica is still worth looking forward to.


Xiaomi 13 Pro also brings dual 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 not only joins the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless LAN, in addition to 4K QAM, but also supports dual 5G WLAN acceleration, up to 4.3Gbps, at the maximum speed of dual 5G, 2.9 seconds can download a 1GB movie. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro’s FastCconnect module has been upgraded to the 14nm process, which further reduces the power consumption of the Wi-Fi subsystem under different loads, up to 30%.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro’s 5G dual card dual pass, as the name suggests, when the main card enters the call, the other card can still be used normally, whether it is surfing the Internet, texting, answering the phone, not under the phone, and even switching back and forth between the two sides of the call, without interfering with each other, thanks to the Xiaomi 13 Pro supports SA+SA and SA+STE two specifications, more than 140 network band combinations, while maintaining good compatibility.

Our point of view

In addition to the second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor and Leica lens, the VRR stepless variable refresh rate, 120W fast charge and Xiaomi’s self-developed surging G1 chip all make this phone full of highlights.

Among them, the digital car key is also a sight to me, because the Xiaomi wallet APP of the Xiaomi 13 series mobile phone supports the addition of Bluetooth and NFC digital car keys, which also makes me more convenient in life.

Overall, Xiaomi 13 Pro in performance, battery life, fast charging, camera, screen and other aspects have a very good performance, compared to the previous products, you can see that Xiaomi 13 Pro in the appearance of more thought, not only to provide better looking, richer color, the details of the polishing is also very careful, from the conference just ended, online sold out, Xiaomi 13 series is really sought-after, but it doesn’t matter, go to Xiaomi Home can also book and experience.


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Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro

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