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It’s Valheim Crossplay on Xbox and PC

Interest in Valheim Crossplay has increased dramatically with the launch of the Viking Survival SIM on Xbox consoles, as existing PC players look to team up with these new recruits or invite them to explore their established worlds with them. The good news for Valheim adventurers is that cross-play is available across all formats, so you can work together with friends no matter what system they’re using. There’s also nothing you need to do to make this happen unless you’re running a dedicated server, as the option is enabled by default, so here’s what you need to know about using Crossplay in Valheim.

It’s Valheim Crossplay

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If you’re asking whether Valheim supports cross-play between Steam, Microsoft and Xbox Consoles, the pleasantly short answer is yes – Crossplay is fully supported between all platforms the game is currently running on.


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However, if you’re running a dedicated server on Steam, you’ll need to enable Crossplay if you want to allow players from other platforms to join in. The host will have to use the ‘-Scrossplay’ parameter to do this, after which other players can use a join code to enter the server. When reviewing a list of available or favorite servers, you can check for the “Shuffle” icon next to a server name to confirm that that server has crossplay enabled.


To make Valheim Crossplay work, you’ll need to make sure all players are running the same patched version of the game; otherwise the connection will likely fail. To find what version number you are currently running, go to the main menu screen and look for the information in the lower right corner.

One final thing for Xbox gamers to consider – is it possible to disable system-level cross-play via your console’s settings; so if you’re having trouble connecting to other people, make sure you don’t have this turned on. You will find it under the following path:

  • open the settings
  • Online safety and family under general
  • Online privacy and security
  • Xbox Privacy
  • View details and customize
  • Communication and multiplayer
  • Under you can join cross network play Change suspension to allow
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It’s Valheim Crossplay on Xbox and PC

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It’s Valheim Crossplay on Xbox and PC

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