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Alice of Spades – Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announced that it will cooperate with Otome game brand “Otomate”, a subsidiary of the famous Japanese game company “Idea Factory”, to launch the well-known series of otome works “Alice of Spades ~Wonderful White World~” Nintendo Switch™ Asia Chinese Traditional version, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. In this incredible fairytale world, where guns and bullets are flying around, how long can Alice’s heart to go home last?

Alice of Spades

Story outline Alice of Spades

This is obviously a fairytale world, but it is also a mad hatter is a mafia, and there is no unusual, incredible country.

The story of this work is set in the “Land of Spades”, and there are four territories in the country – the White Territory, the Black Territory, the Mad Hatter Mansion and the Station.


However, the country is at war and is dangerous wherever it goes.

Under such circumstances, the heroine who is practical and pragmatic – Alice,

After she was rescued from drowning in the lake, she lost all her memories.

Needless to say, she couldn’t even recall who she was supposed to be friends with and what was in her situation.

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Those who should obviously be meeting for the first time, but who miss and feel important, and someone she has forgotten…

Although I feel that I have accepted that there is something wrong with amnesia and this daily life that is out of routine,

But Alice is still slowly building new relationships with people in this country full of unknown times.

In a world where common sense is useless, the heroine, the realist,


Can you talk about a serious love –

[Figure 02]

Following “Country of Hearts”, “Country of Plum Blossoms”, “Country of Joker”, and “Country of Squares”, QuinRose Reborn, as a sub-brand of Otomate, launched the first work “Alice of the Land of Spades ~Wonderful White World~” that continues the world view of the QuinRose Alice series.

Stay tuned for the story set in the “Land of Spades”!


Official website and fan page Alice of Spades

In order to facilitate the exchange of information with all otome game fans, GSE has opened an official Instagram/Facebook and Weibo dedicated to women’s games to provide a platform where you can easily communicate and share opinions, and will update various information in the order of each GSE women to the official page in the future, so stay tuned for future news.

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GSE said that if Otome Games can maintain its satisfactory sales results, it will actively consider cooperating with Otomate to launch more of its Chinese works, hoping that players can have more support and attention.


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Alice of Spades

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