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Company sues Ye – Ye is being sued by a manufacturing and design agency from the U.S. state of California. The company claims that it still gets more than 7.1 million dollars (more than 7 million euros) from the rapper.

Ye engaged Phantom Labs for design and build-up work for the shows for the release of the album Donda 2, for a concert he gave with Drake, for several of his Sunday Services, for his studio, and for the Coachella concert that Ye eventually canceled.

The company says it has previously sounded the alarm with the rapper’s team and was then told that the bills would be paid if Ye had received his $9 million gage for Coachella.

Ye has built up the outstanding amount of $ 7,154,177.67 in a short time. Phantom Labs’ work took place between June 2021 and March 2022.


Company sues Ye for 7 million

Last week, the news came out that an American clothing company is demanding 400,000 dollars (about 394,000 euros) from the rapper, because he has not returned thirteen items of clothing and has not paid rental costs. Ye has an outstanding bill of $221,000 with the organization for renting garments.

Why did Nawazuddin Siddiqui remain silent even on serious allegations? The actor himself disclosed

The thirteen lost garments would together be worth about 195,000 dollars.


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Company sues Ye for 7 million for unpaid invoices

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