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how to play console games on mobile – Beautiful environments, fast-paced action and compelling stories: with these tips you can now play the games of your game console on your smartphone;.

Everyone has played a game on their phone. Simple puzzle games or imaginative adventures, many types of games can be found on smartphones. (how to play console games on mobile phone)

With the power of streaming, it’s possible to play those console games on your smartphone as well. You can then game on your phone on the go, and pick up where you left off at home.

how to play console games on mobile


First, you need to pair a controller with your phone. You can use the backup controller of your Xbox or PlayStation for that, or grab another controller with Bluetooth.


Pairing is the same as with other Bluetooth devices. On an Xbox controller, press and hold the pairing button for a few seconds. For PlayStation controllers, you’ll need to press the Share and PS buttons until the light bar flashes. You can then find the controller in the Bluetooth settings.

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PlayStation on phone

Sony has a special app to stream your PlayStation games on phones: PS Remote Play (Android and iOS). In this app, you can log in with the same PlayStation account as on your console, so it knows who you are. (how to play console games on mobile phone)

You then turn on your PlayStation and can then take control with your smartphone via the app. This way you can play on your own console, even when you’re not at home. This must be enabled on the console, via ‘Settings’, ‘System’ and then ‘Remote Play’.

how to play xbox games on phone without console 

Xbox Stream

Microsoft’s Xbox also has the ability to play your own console on your smartphone. You can turn this on on the console via ‘Profile & system’, ‘Settings’, ‘Devices and connections’ and then ‘Remote features’. Make sure that power mode is set to Sleep, or your console will shut down each time.


On your phone, download the official Xbox app (Android or iOS) and sign in with the same profile. Then go to ‘My Library’ and select ‘Consoles’. Here you’ll see your home console, tap it, then choose “Remote playback on this device.”

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Without console

You don’t need to have a console to play on your smartphone. Microsoft offers a subscription that allows you to stream games directly to your phone, without the need for a game console. Xbox Game Pass is a kind of Netflix for games, where members get access to a library of games. You can also stream them via the cloud.

To do this, download the Game Pass app on Android, on iOS go to the website. You then have to take out a monthly subscription, but you can then play all the games from that library on your phone.

For all solutions, streaming games can cost a lot of data. So be careful if you only have a limited amount of data in your bundle. You also need stable and fast internet, so the wi-fi in the train is not an option.



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