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New versions of Windows are now likely to appear every three years – Microsoft plans to release a new version of Windows every three years from now on. Windows Central reports this based on insiders. This would mean that Windows 12 will appear in the fall of 2024

According to the new plan, a major update for Windows should appear every three years. In the meantime, Microsoft wants to release smaller updates for the current version more often.

New versions of Windows are now likely to appear every three years

In the past, it also took three years before a new Windows came. For example, Windows 7 appeared in 2009, three years after Windows Vista. Then Windows 8 appeared in 2012 and Windows 10 in 2015.


With the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft seemed to be moving away from the triennial cycle. The company focused on continuing to innovate that operating system and came up with a major update twice a year. When Windows 11 appeared last year, the policy for Windows 10 and 11 was changed to one major update per year.

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Windows Central writes that customers can now expect updates up to four times a year. Microsoft itself has not disclosed anything about its plans.


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New versions of Windows are now likely to appear every three years

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