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huge neutron star – Astronomers surprised by huge neutron star – A merger of two neutron stars leaves astronomers in headaches. Where according to current theories a black hole should have formed almost immediately, in this situation a relatively large neutron star initially remained, writes The Guardian.

Neutron stars are the remnants of massive stars that exploded as supernovae. These particles are compressed very powerfully, leaving behind a small, but incredibly heavy star. A teaspoon of matter from the star would already weigh more than 1 billion tons.

The neutron star could be seen for at least a day for the scientists. “An exceptionally long period,” the British newspaper quotes one of the researchers as saying.

After more than a day, the astronomers lost sight of the neutron star. It is still a mystery how the neutron star could remain intact for so long. Possibly the star rotated so fast that the implosion was postponed.


Astronomers also question the origin of so-called gamma-ray bursts. These are enormously bright flashes of light that arise during the formation of black holes. The scientists now say that it should be investigated whether the neutron stars can also cause gamma-ray bursts before their implosion.


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huge neutron star

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huge neutron star

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