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CZ increases healthcare premium by 8.55 euros per month

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CZ increases healthcare premium by 8.55 euros per month, The premium of cz’s basic insurance increases by 8.55 euros per month, bringing it to 124.80 euros. This is an increase of 7.4 percent compared to last year’s premium.

CZ says Friday that the premium would be higher if it is calculated on the basis of the actual costs. “But by using 97 million euros from the reserves, CZ can offer a premium that is 2.75 euros per month below the cost price.”

According to the health insurer, the premium will rise less rapidly this year than the Ministry of Health predicted in September.

This is because healthcare costs are rising less rapidly this year than the ministry calculated. The million-euro note assumed an increase of 10 euros.

Second highest percentage of health insurance switchers since 2006

Earlier this week, Nationale-Nederlanden reported that the premium for its basic insurance for next year will increase by 9.02 euros (7.5 percent) to 128.60 euros per month.

OHRA’s monthly premium amounts to 116.30 euros. This represents an increase of 8.34 euros, or 7.7 percent. DSW was the first to announce the new premium in September. There, the monthly amount goes up by 4.50 euros to 112 euros.

CZ increases healthcare premium by 8.55 euros per month


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