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Does god of war have new game plus? God of War: Ragnarök will be released on November 9. The game will be released for the PlayStation 4 and 5

God of War: Ragnarök succeeds god of war, published in 2018, in which protagonist Kratos from previous parts goes on an adventure with his son. In doing so, they take on monsters from Norse mythology

The secrets of the god of war!

God of War has been able to renew itself thanks to its part released in 2018 on PS4. Our favorite demigod was able to conquer the hearts of the players, but especially the press, which earned him a nice 94% on Metacritic. Some time later, Santa Monica returns to the charge by teasing us a second episode of the same type planned for 2022.

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The god of action (Does god of war have new game plus )

Initially released on March 22, 2005, God of War has marked the spirits by its gameplay, but especially its violence that borders on the absurd. Wrapped in a beautiful Greek mythology, Kratos’ first adventure has marked the minds of many players. In addition to strutting in front of its competitors of the time, God of War far exceeds the standards of the PS2 gameplay level.


We find a well-paced game, which lets the player fight as he sees fit, and which shines by its staging, especially thanks to its scales of grandeur. Because of course, God of War lets us fight huge creatures which reinforces this feeling of power granted to Kratos. 

In the reboot of the license, in 2018, Santa Monica takes the risk of creating a great adventure game while shooting-sequence, without any cuts. All the expertise of the studio was able to stand out on this ambitious project, which earned the feedback more than appreciable by the public. A game that makes our good old demigod change his tune.

A mix of mythologies (Does god of war have new game plus )

Among the many mythological figures created by human civilizations, that of the God of War takes a central place! Feared and admired, these deities could embody as much the nobility of the strategic aspects of combat, as the most bloodthirsty warrior savagery but Indeed, the developers were able to create the surprise when the game was announced at E3 2016. The players were taken aback by the arrival of a bearded Kratos, but above all, to see him accompanied by his son, Atreus. 

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Who created the game God of War?

All games start with the same title, God of War. God of War is developed in-house by Santa Monica Studio, headed by David Jaffe. The game has a very long development, especially for the time and for a non-HD game: four years. The game was released on June 22, 2005 in Europe, exclusively for the PlayStation 2.


The demigod has finally decided to change his tune to finally land on the northern lands. A major change that allows the series not to run out of steam and to bring new game mechanics. Kratos trades his Blades of Chaos for the Leviathan Axe, a Norse axe with mystical powers. Santa Monica was not content with a simple reskin, but with a whole new way of fighting for our Greek warrior.

The camera gets closer to the shoulders of the character, and Kratos becomes much heavier and more violent than in previous games. For their next opus, God of War: Ragnarok, the studio wants to stay in this mythology that remains so much to explore. Hoping for a more precise release date, we invite you to rediscover the series in every detail

What is the name of God of War’s game?

God of War is a beat them all action-adventure video game released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio under the direction of David Jaffe.

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