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European bird flu epidemic – Never before has there been such a large bird flu epidemic in Europe as there is now, reports the European health service ECDC on Monday. Since the start of the epidemic in 2021, 2,467 outbreaks have been detected.

The highly pathogenic variant of the virus has spread to 37 European countries. So far, 48 million infected and healthy birds have been culled. Many wild birds have also been affected by bird flu.

Current European bird flu epidemic is the largest ever

In Europe, no people have become infected with this variant of the bird flu virus. The risk of the epidemic to public health is therefore low.

People who work with birds have to be careful. They run an extra risk because of their work. The ECDC therefore emphasizes the importance of testing for infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, as happened with corona.


In the Netherlands, the obligation to house Dutch poultry farms was partially lifted last summer, because the risks of contamination had decreased sufficiently in some areas.

In recent months, the number of new infections has risen: several outbreaks at poultry farms and hobby animal farmers have been reported.

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