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First health care premium for next year announced – DSW is the first health insurer to announce its premium for next year. Insured persons will pay 137.50 euros per month for the basic package. That is 9.75 euros more than this year.

According to DSW, the increase is necessary because the pay for care staff is going up. Other costs in healthcare are also rising.

In order to cover costs, the insurer said it should have increased the premium by an additional 2 euros per month. But the company states that it adds that 2 euros from its own reserves.

The deductible remains at DSW at 375 euros. That is 10 euros less than legally prescribed. The company from Schiedam does this because it considers the legal deductible of 385 euros too high.


According to DSW, deductibles miss the mark

The deductible is intended as a threshold that should prevent people from using unnecessary care. According to DSW CEO Aad de Groot, that threshold misses the mark. According to him, the amount of 385 euros is so high that many people who do need care do not get treatment to save money.

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First health care premium for next year announced

DSW is traditionally the first insurer to announce its premium for next year. Other insurers will follow in the coming weeks.

By November 12, they must all have announced their new premium so that customers have the opportunity to switch. Often the premiums of other insurers, such as VGZ, CZ and Achmea, are about the same.



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