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Republicans win majority in House, Democrats retain Senate

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Republicans win majority – The Republican Party won a majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm elections. The majority in the Senate remains in Democratic hands. With that, Joe Biden’s party has achieved better results than the party of a sitting president usually does. However, the Republicans can make it quite difficult for the Democrats in the House in the two years until the next presidential election.

Republicans win majority in House

During the US midterm elections , all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives (the US House of Representatives) were forgiven. The House was controlled by the Democrats before the election, but now the Republicans won the necessary 218 seats for a majority.

The coming days should show exactly how big the difference in the House will be. In any case, it is clear that it concerns a narrow majority. The Democrats have 208 seats with nine seats still to be allocated.

Biden congratulated Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (pictured above) on the victory. Biden hopes Republicans will work together to “get results for hard-working families.” He went on to say, “The American people want us to get something done. I’m willing to work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, to get that done for them.” (Republicans win majority in House)

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McCarthy reacted to his party’s victory on Twitter. “Republicans have officially ‘flipped’ the House. Americans are ready to take a new path, and Republicans in the House are ready to make it happen.”

The thin Democratic majority of one seat in the Senate (comparable to our Senate) was maintained. Last weekend it was announced that the Democratic senator Catherine Cortez Masto in the state of Nevada has won against her Republican challenger. 

This means that the Democrats retain control of fifty Senate seats. The Republicans currently hold 49 seats in the Senate.

The last seat is in the state of Georgia. A second round of elections in December must determine who will take that seat. In the first round, none of the candidates received a 50 percent majority. That is a requirement under state election laws to officially win the race.

Losing House is a blow to Biden

Although the damage was relatively limited, the loss of the majority in the House is still a blow to President Biden and his Democratic Party. Republicans can now block new legislation. The ambitious plans of the Biden administration, which managed to get the extensive economic Inflation Reduction Act through Congress this year, are therefore put on the back burner. (Republicans win majority in House)

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One bright spot for the Biden administration is that the appointment of judges and government officials as ministers will not come under pressure. Those appointments must be approved by the Senate.

The Republicans were also disappointed. Their candidate Kari Lake joined the ranks of Donald Trump-backed candidates who lost the battle. Lake ran for governor of Arizona but lost out to her Democratic rival Katie Hobbs in a blood-curdling race.

Republicans want to start all kinds of investigations into Biden

A painful side effect for the Democrats is that the Republicans in the House want to open all kinds of investigations into Biden and the Democrats. Among other things, the government’s corona policy and the functioning of the Ministry of Justice and the FBI are high on their agenda.

The Republicans also want an investigation into the alleged conflict of interest surrounding Biden’s son Hunter and the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2020.

If it is up to the Republicans, these issues dominate the news stream in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. (Republicans win majority in House)

Some special winners at the American midterms:

  • Maura Healey becomes the first openly lesbian governor in the United States. She was elected in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Her running mate is also a woman, making Massachusetts the first state to have two women in the highest state offices.
  • Maxwell Frost is the first so-called zoomer (someone belonging to generation Z) in the House of Representatives. The 25-year-old Democrat won a seat in Florida. Generation Z consists of people born between 1995 and 2010.
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Republicans win majority in House

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