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Film ‘Panchkriti’ – Five Elements; Glimpses of the country’s rich traditions and culture

The filming and story of the film ‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ will bring about a cinematic revolution in more ways than one. It is based on five different interesting and wonderful stories, which are related to each other. It is set against the backdrop of a small town like Chanderi. This film is a unique and bold way of telling a mixed story. The origin of this legend is a small town called Chanderi in Bundelkhand, a mountainous region spread across the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Bundelkhand is popular for its geographical beauty and rich culture. History is replete with examples of how specific cultural characteristics of a region give strength to the country as a whole. The five stories of the film are based on real events. The story of this film is thought-provoking, which will make you think. The cinematography is superb and the music of the film is very melodious and enjoyable which will surely leave the audience spellbound. The filmmakers consider it an example of an entertaining film at its finest. Which along with focusing on Indian cultural ethos, history, heritage and traditions will also prove helpful in nation building. The facts have been depicted in the right medium with great precision in the film.

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Actor Brijendra Kala has won the hearts of fans with his stellar performances over the years, along with Poorva Parag, Umesh Bajpai, Sagar Wahi, Sarika Bharoliya, Mahi Soni, Kurangi Nagraj, Harveer Malik and Ruhana Khanna.


The unique way of promoting the upcoming film ‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ has become the talk of the town. And the most important thing is that on watching the film, it will be known that it has a surprise in store for the audience. There is an attractive prize for the huge crowd of spectators which will be decided by lucky draw. Which one lucky viewer will get. Viewers will be able to enjoy creative and tasteful content that will truly showcase India’s rich rural cultural heritage and pride. Undoubtedly, the audience will be thrilled with the chance to win three lucky draws and bumper prizes at each screening. The winner will not only receive a useful prize, but few prizes are more attractive than their reach and imagination. This unique way of film promotion is only to attract the attention of the audience towards good cinema, otherwise a good budget and big actors are enough to promote the film. The basic objective of the production house is also to breathe new life into single screens in rural areas of India. This endeavor will encourage and develop a much needed platform for the development of exceptional talent and creativity of cinema in different regions of India.

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The makers have collaborated with distributors, theater owners, product makers and audiences to create a new record in the Bollywood industry. The makers hope that this endeavor will revolutionize cinema across the world.The film will encourage the whole family to enjoy entertainment and witness the magical world of cinema. Small budget exceptional content creators and amazing regional talent will find a new and deserving place. The campaign seeks to gain trust and instill confidence among distributors and screen owners who are inherently hesitant to showcase good films.

This hard effort will give a chance to the audience, producers, distributors, cinema owners and others to move forward.

The makers also want to highlight that this new strategy of film promotion will also provide employment opportunities to many people. Viewers should pay attention to the release of the film Panchkriti, in which they will get opportunities to get gifts, which they will be able to take home happily.


Brijendra Kala is one of the main characters of the film. He is an acclaimed actor. Kala says that ‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ includes many popular and big artists. Five different stories have been creatively woven together without unnecessary elements into a positive family-entertainer that will appeal to urban and rural audiences alike.

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This unique film has been directed by Sanjay Bhargava. Sanjoy says that we want to give a special message on our Indian tradition and culture through the film which reflects the cultural heritage and ancient heritage. All the five stories of the film will make us think that where and how do we live in our Indian traditional daily life? What else do you do? It is humane and not based on any superstition. The film has an experienced cast, while filming the story faced a lot of challenges to make the film impactful and empowering and to bring realism to the performances.

The film’s producer Haripriya Bhargava says that she made this story inspired by our rich heritage, customs, traditions and Indian rural lifestyle. She further adds that the film provides exposure and exposure to budding talented artists living in far flung areas of India. In which women from rural areas are also included who wholeheartedly support this content. At the same time, the strategy of film promotion also gives an opportunity to the theater owners and distributors. Haripriya was very happy that some of the story of this film is focused on women.

The film ‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ is an amalgamation of spiritual songs overflowing with love and heart touching. Music composed by Rajesh Soni, the music of the film is sure to touch the hearts of the audience.

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‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ has been shot entirely in Madhya Pradesh, with local cast and supporting cast hired. Photography portrays such delightful and untouched natural scenes of Madhya Pradesh which will be helpful in promoting tourism.

‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ is produced by Haripriya Bhargava and Sanjoy Bhargava under the banner of Ubon Vision Pvt Ltd. The film will release in cinema halls across India during the monsoon season. Producers, directors and promoters are working extensively for the film across the country.



Film ‘Panchkriti’ – Five Elements; Glimpses of the country’s rich traditions and culture

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