Google wants other parties to sell ads on YouTube
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Google wants other parties to sell ads on YouTube

Google wants other parties to sell ads on YouTube

sell ads – Google is willing to let other companies sell ads on YouTube, reports Reuters news agency. The tech giant would try to avoid a fine from the European Commission for abuse of power.

The European Commission opened an investigation into Google and its advertising practices last year. Brussels wants to know whether the tech giant has violated European competition rules by giving its own services priority over those of competitors.

In particular, the investigation examines whether Google reserved access to user data for advertising practices only for its own use and did not give third parties access to it.

In particular, the European Commission mentioned Google’s Ad Manager, which allows ads to be sold on YouTube. Advertisers have to use that system, and that may put Google’s competitors at a disadvantage.

Google’s proposal to lift those restrictions is part of an effort by the tech company to get the European Commission to end the investigation. The company also wants to avoid a fine (which can amount to 10 percent of the worldwide turnover).

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Google and parent company Alphabet have already received three fines from the European Commission for violating competition rules.

Google wants other parties to sell ads on YouTube


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