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How to migrate to Digital Marketing and earn from R$5,000 per month » Portal Insights
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Even with a pandemic, war, elections and hundreds of other events that have shaken the economy in recent years, Digital Marketing simply has not seen a crisis.

According to a survey by CENP-Meios (Advertising Market Self-Regulation Forum), in 2021 alone, companies' investment in Digital Marketing grew 74.2% compared to the previous year.

This type of accelerated growth naturally causes:


In other words: if you consider entering this market for good, there probably won't be a better time than this.

But what are the professional possibilities? How to take the first step? Should I look for freelancing or have a “steady job”? I will try to answer all of this (and much more) in this text.

I've done practically everything in this market – from writing blogposts as a freelancer to building and selling my own company – and I believe that my more systematic and real-world-based view can be useful.

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“What should I specialize in?” is by far one of the questions I receive most from people looking to migrate to Digital Marketing. So, let's get her out of the way now.

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There are hundreds of positions and specializations that you can target, but when we analyze all the possibilities, we can classify them into three categories:

The. Creative

It is the professional who will create things – be it art, a video, an application or any asset that requires creativity and technical skill with tools to exist.

Imagine a Creative professional as a craftsman – he has the knowledge, skills and tools to make his work.


Working as a Creative is more suitable for people who seek to work more “in their corner”, without needing to interact a lot with the team and have long days of meetings and/or contacts with clients.

As an advantage, I see the possibility of specializing in highly valued areas such as video editing, visual effects, copywriting and programming, which in addition to having great salaries, has a relatively low level of responsibility.

As a disadvantage, this type of professional rarely occupies a more strategic management and leadership position, which can limit possibilities when it comes to professional promotion and/or obtaining partnership in the company.

Another major disadvantage is that a creative professional will always be more susceptible to the law of supply and demand. You can be the best copywriter in the galaxy, but if you have a much greater supply of professionals than demand, your salary ceiling will naturally be lower than creative professionals with very high demand and little supply.


Yes, there are creative professionals who stand out and earn much more than many CEOs out there, but they are exceptions and not the rule.

A Creative professional can earn anything between R$1,500 and R$12,000 and the best way to start is by taking a specialization course in something you are interested in (e.g. video editing, copywriting, social media designer…), finding work as freelancers to build your portfolio (I recommend searching on freelance websites like Workana) and, only then, looking for permanent job opportunities on Linkedin.

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B. Analytical

Unlike the Creative, an Analytical professional works with what he has at hand – information and data, multidisciplinary team, assets, strategic objectives, etc.

The value of the analytical professional is in transforming information into actions that generate results. As this process ends up involving numbers, formulas, spreadsheets and graphs, people who are more adept at exact sciences tend to do better as Analytical.


In the context of Digital Marketing, the most common positions for this professional are: traffic manager, marketing analyst, data scientist and project manager.

As this type of professional deals more directly with strategic decisions in day-to-day business, a great advantage is that they naturally end up migrating more easily to management positions.

The disadvantages I see are that these professionals tend to be under more pressure for results and have more difficulty specializing in more specific areas, since their value lies in being a generalist.

Not that being a generalist is bad, but it's definitely not everyone's profile.


In fact, it is not uncommon to see people with an analytical profile being promoted to management positions but not having the same success, due to the difficulty in dealing with people.

An Analytical professional can earn anything between R$2,500 and R$15,000. The best way to start is by taking a course that offers a broad and scientific view of Digital Marketing – I highly recommend the Marketing Scientist or the training of advisors at V4 Company, if you have more money and time to invest in more immersive training.

After that, the ideal is to look for a position as a junior marketing analyst in a company that offers the possibility of learning and professional growth, to then begin the professional climb to senior analyst, manager, director, etc. (tip: never work for a company that does not have a clear and meritocratic career plan).

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w. Businessperson

Regardless of whether your profile is Creative or Analytical, if you think you are capable of putting together a team and attracting customers with your sales skills, perhaps the best path is to have your own company.


Today, having a marketing agency simply has no barrier to entry – you can easily offer a quality Digital Marketing service with zero investment in tools and infrastructure.

The advantage, obviously, is that as an entrepreneur you have no ceiling for financial growth – the bigger and more successful your company is, the more money you earn in the short (profit distribution) and long term (equity).

The disadvantages are all those of any entrepreneur: pressure to make it work, the need to always be looking for customers and the risks of the business not working.

To start, the best way is to have a broad knowledge of Marketing (I recommend Marketing Scientist again), develop a brand with a good sales pitch and go prospecting customers – follow Thiago Reis and Giovanne Saraiva to learn in practice.


With your first clients you will automatically need to look at your operation and I would have to write at least 10 texts of this length to give you an idea of ​​how to do this – but this text could be a good start.

In fact, if you have money to invest, consider buying a V4 Company franchise. In addition to all the operational and management know-how that they will give you, you already start with a strong brand and don't need to worry about selling.

Basic skills you need to have regardless of profile

Regardless of the path chosen (Creative, Analytical or Entrepreneur), time has taught me that all successful people in Digital Marketing end up sharing the same skills.

Are they:

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of Marketing
  • Basic knowledge of Paid Traffic Management
  • Basic knowledge of Design and User Experience (UX)
  • Basic knowledge of Copywriting
  • Basic knowledge of Project Management
  • In-depth sales knowledge
  • In-depth knowledge of project and people management
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Any quick search on Google will offer millions of content for you to learn each of the items above, so the lack of information will not be a problem.

What can happen (and honestly this is where everyone dies on the beach) is not organizing yourself to take this route. Everyone wants to be successful, but there are few people willing to study and work hard for it.

So, if you're taking this seriously, put time in your schedule to study and don't make excuses.

How to get a good opportunity

As we opened the text, the truth is that the market is thirsty for qualified professionals and just the fact that you have mastered the basic knowledge of the item above, and chosen the professional profile you want to be, is often enough for you. gain a position in a company.

But if you want to improve your CV and are looking for an opportunity that will pay you from R$5,000 per month, here are some practical tips:

  • Take the V4 Company Marketing Scientist course
  • Take basic Google certifications
  • Get official Facebook Blueprint certification
  • Get involved in a project, even without pay, to have at least one experience under your belt
  • Create a Champion profile on Linkedin and add all these certifications
  • Set a goal to send at least 10 messages a day to CEOs and CMOs on Linkedin

If you follow these instructions it is practically impossible for you not to achieve something. In fact, if you complete these steps, send me a message on Instagram and I will most likely meet someone who needs someone with your resume

Final considerations

When I started writing this text, I promised myself that it would be extremely practical content.

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The truth is that the internet is full of shallow content and useless career tips, and the objective of this project is exactly to stand out through pragmatism.

Yes, there is a lot of information and steps for you to absorb, but think that thanks to the internet today you can earn significant money without any academic training.

Furthermore, the fact that it's not that easy is great – after all, if it were easy, everyone would do it and the market wouldn't be lacking professionals, which would reduce your opportunities.


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How to migrate to Digital Marketing and earn from R$5,000 per month » Portal Insights

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How to migrate to Digital Marketing and earn from R$5,000 per month » Portal Insights


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How to migrate to Digital Marketing and earn from R$5,000 per month » Portal Insights


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How to migrate to Digital Marketing and earn from R$5,000 per month » Portal Insights

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