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Johnny G Plate Becomes a Suspect, PKS Ensures the Coalition of Change Remains Solid



Johnny G Plate Becomes a Suspect, PKS Ensures the Coalition

Johnny G Plate Becomes a Suspect, PKS Ensures the Coalition of Change Remains Solid

PKS President Ahmad Syaikhu is also concerned about the determination of the suspect status of the Minister of Communication and Informatics as well as the Secretary General of the DPP Nasdem Johnny G Plate. Syaikhu emphasized that the Johnny Plate case would not disrupt the solidity of the Coalition for Change which had been initiated by the Nasdem Party, PKS and Democrats.

“God willing, the Coalition for Change will remain solid and remain focused on the process of winning the presidential candidate Anies Baswedan,” Syaikhu said in his statement, Thursday (18/5/2023).


According to Syaikhu, the Coalition for Change’s agenda will continue after the joint declaration to nominate Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate.

“The agenda for the Coalition for Change by carrying presidential candidate Anies Baswedan will continue according to the agreements that we have and continue to finalize. We pray that the Nasdem Party can go through the tests and trials that are currently happening, the Nasdem Party can go through this test with good internal processes,” said Shaykh.

On the other hand, Syaikhu also praised the attitude of the statesman General Chair of the Nasdem Party Surya Paloh who stated he respected the ongoing legal process.


“We respect and praise the attitude of the general chairman of the Nasdem Party, Surya Paloh, who is a statesman by respecting the legal process. It was a wise action and he showed steadfastness in facing the tests that are currently taking place in the Nasdem Party,” concluded Syaikhu.

It is known that the Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G Plate has been named a suspect in the infrastructure procurement corruption case basetransceiver station (BTS) Dedicated to the Ministry of Communication and Information. After becoming a suspect, Johnny Plate was immediately thrown into custody.

The Director of Investigations for the Jampidsus at the AGO, Kuntadi, said that from the results of the investigation, his party concluded that Johnny G Plate was suspected of being involved in the BTS corruption case. Johnny in this case has the capacity as a budget user as well as a minister. The Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) stated that the value of state financial losses due to the BAKTI Kemenkominfo case reached IDR 8,032,084,133,795 (IDR 8 trillion).


“Then the person concerned will be detained for the next 20 days at the Salemba Detention Center, the AGO branch,” Kuntadi said during a press conference at the AGO Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/5/2023).

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Johnny G Plate Becomes a Suspect, PKS Ensures the Coalition of Change Remains Solid

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