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Musk and Tesla staff – Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sent his employees an email with the message that they must work at least forty hours a week in the office or leave the company. The text was shared on Twitter and has not been confirmed by Tesla or Musk, but he did respond to one of the tweets.

Most U.S. tech companies have chosen in recent months to let their employees choose whether to work from home or in the office. Google parent company Alphabet likes it better when the staff is in the office, but does not make a big deal of it. Those who work at Twitter are allowed to work from home full-time.

Musk takes a slightly different approach. The Tesla CEO is said to have sent his staff an email on Wednesday with the demand to come and work in the office. “Those who like to work from home should work at least (and I really mean at least) forty hours a week in the office or leave the company,” he writes. “That’s less than we expect from our factory workers.”

The CEO adds that he wants to see if an exception can be made for people who really can’t work in the office.

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Musk and Tesla have not yet confirmed the content of the email, but the billionaire did respond to one of the tweets. The twitterer asked if he wanted to say something to people who think that working in the office is no longer of this time. “They just have to pretend they work somewhere else,” Musk replied.

Tesla’s work-from-home policy is thus in stark contrast to that of Twitter, the social network of which Musk wants to become the new owner. He has 44 billion euros left for the company, but he still has to take some bumps. So it is not yet certain whether the deal will go through and whether the Twitter staff will have to fear the same fate.

Musk and Tesla staff: Must let staffs choose work in the office or look for other work


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