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Seven common mistakes in Facebook Ads » Portal Insights
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Anyone who has followed the latest materials on the blog has already realized that they are more useful for specialists and people in the market. Today's video is a little different, it is suitable for both those who get their hands dirty, an analyst, a consultant, and for the businessman himself, who has a team, manages a team and needs to better understand what is happening.

The first mistake is to mess with a team that is winning

But what do I mean by changing a team that is winning?


The idea that ads always need to be reinvented is very common in the market and in digital marketing agencies. Daily, weekly, monthly, we always need to create new ads.

Although there is some truth to this, yes, we need to test ads, create new ads and always try to get the maximum possible return on our investment in Facebook Ads, we do not necessarily need to disable our ads that worked last month.

If I have an ad that is timeless, that does not depend on the time of year, if it works and brings leads, sales and visits to the website, regardless of its objective, at an advantageous cost, there is no reason to disable it.

Disabling an ad just because it's old doesn't make any sense in my opinion. An advertisement about the World Cup does not make sense to keep after the event, even with a low cost, but an example that has nothing to do with temporal events, such as an ebook on “How to reduce costs in HR”, for example, is a timeless announcement of a problem that continues to exist and there is no point in disabling it.

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It may seem obvious, but it happens and people turn off ads just because they are old.

The second error is related to the investment itself

When I take on a new project, I always like to make it clear to the client that the investment does not need to be linear every month.

What I do is invest little at the beginning, and I only invest more money when I see that an ad is bringing good returns with a good cost-benefit ratio.

So, if I test three campaigns to check mental triggers, and let's assume I have 900 reais per month, instead of starting by investing 300 reais per month in each ad and spending all the money, I'll invest 100 reais per month and only I'll put more money in when the cost-benefit ratio is good.


It may also happen that one ad is more successful than the other, converts more than the other, so I will allocate money to those that bring more results, but it will not be linear.

To be more direct: you don't need to use your entire budget at once – you can start small in the first fifteen days and then invest the rest in the ads with the best results.

The third mistake is not giving Facebook time to learn and optimize your ads

Today it is very obvious that Facebook ads have a tendency, whether for lead sales or clicks, to decrease over time.

This happens because Facebook uses machine learning to learn from mistakes and successes. If you leave Facebook active for thirty days, it will learn from the data acquired and in 99% of cases (and to be honest, I've never seen that 1%), in the other thirty days you will have even better results.

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So, here's a tip: if you have an ad that is working, the longer you leave it there, the better your results will be.

The fourth error is somewhat related to the first and may seem a little contradictory, but…

…the fourth mistake is not testing enough

When you create ads on Facebook, your chance of getting it right the first time is almost 0, so what I recommend is creating ad variations to, over time, and this could be within a week, determine which one has the best result. and which one is the worst to focus on a more assertive and more economical strategy.

This doesn't mean you should disable every ad you create. You will only disable the ones that perform poorly.


Generally, the time it takes to find out how a campaign is performing is one week. So, if I create an ad today for washing powder, I will create variations of calls, images and CTAs, everything possible and that makes sense to the customer.

In a week, I'll check which performed better and find out if it's worth taking it to Whats App or Messenger; If it worked, talk about clean clothes or practicality. These are all tests that should not be stopped.

The fifth mistake is getting too caught up in details

I see many companies and professionals in the field paying attention to minimal details, stopping ads for up to a week, when in practice they will not effectively affect the campaign.

An example I recently saw talking to colleagues in the area was of an ad that was ready, the website was ready, the link was parameterized, but the client didn't want to release the ad because they didn't have the HTML code for the brand color.

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It's a minimal detail that won't affect the final result and people fail to collect these results sooner or generate unnecessary stress due to issues like this.

Although we always want perfectionism and the best images, we have to remember that Facebook is a medium to generate profit, to generate results, so you have to test different ways and not focus on details that delay these results.

Because results often come from ads that we think won't work out so well, and being a little unpredictable, this is one of the cases in which perfectionism is more of a hindrance than a help.

The sixth mistake is about tracking the results you get with Facebook Ads

If you create ads on Facebook without tracking, without installing the pixels and parameterizing the links to see the results in Google Analytics, you will have poor results that will only follow the person until the moment they leave Facebook. Once she clicks on the ad and enters the site, you lose any tracking capabilities.


It's a slightly complex subject that I won't go into here, but I suggest for those who don't know about this subject to research Facebook pixels and Google UTMs, this is essential knowledge for you who want to optimize your Facebook ads and on the internet in general.

The seventh and final mistake is related to something a little sentimental that I see very often.

The seventh mistake is getting sentimentally attached to your campaigns

Today I was talking to a client and while showing some parameters and metrics, I said “it's not working, let's cancel this promotion, move on. This ad doesn’t bring you any returns”, and she said “ah, but it took so much work to produce”. That's when I said, “Okay, but you can't get attached to certain things just because it was a lot of work. Go ahead, you can’t suffer a loss because you stuck to content that required work or brought good experiences producing.”

Facebook is a medium that serves to make you profit, and if it's not making you profit, there's no point making this investment in Facebook Ads.

What is it, tips and practical examples

In fact, there were cases where I completely dispensed with Facebook Ads for certain clients because it didn't bring results. So, be very careful not to get attached to certain materials and Facebook Ads as a whole.

These were the seven mistakes I prepared for today. Of course, there are many others, because Facebook is a complex tool, and many people still make mistakes, especially in Brazil, but these seven mistakes are enough to open your eyes and pay attention.

If you have any questions or complements, the comments area below is open and if you are interested and the content helped you with something, it is worth sharing with your friends on Linkedin, Facebook and other social networks.

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Seven common mistakes in Facebook Ads » Portal Insights

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Seven common mistakes in Facebook Ads » Portal Insights

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Seven common mistakes in Facebook Ads » Portal Insights

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Seven common mistakes in Facebook Ads » Portal Insights

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