September 24, 2022
Solar panels on your roof? Please wait
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Solar panels on your roof? Please wait

Solar panels on your roof Please wait

Solar panels on your roof? Please wait,

Those who are still planning to have solar panels installed this summer may have to wait a long time for that. Not only are the mechanics very busy, there is also a considerable shortage of inverters.

These are devices that have to convert solar energy into usable energy in the house. “That shortage causes a delay of three to four weeks,” says Director Klein of the Helmond-based company Mijn Energie Brabant.

Klein stands at a corner house in Helmond, where his installers on the roof are busy. “We are already laying eighteen solar panels here,” he explains. “But the residents have nothing to do with it for the time being, because without such an inverter it does not work.”

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When those parts are back, they will still be placed. “Connecting such an inverter is a small job for the installers, that is done within an hour. We ordered it weeks ago and normally it will be there within two days, but we will now certainly have to wait another week.”

Solar panels on your roof Please wait

Problem starts in ShanghaiThe (Solar panels on your roof? Please wait)
shortage of inverters comes at a time when the demand for solar panels is hard to keep up with. “Everyone wants to get rid of the gas and continue with solar energy. Since gas prices have risen, interest has more than doubled,” says Niels Klein.

This means that the demand for inverters is also greater than ever. “90 percent of that is made in China, but there is currently little coming from there because a city like Shanghai has been in lockdown for weeks.”

But there’s more to it than that. Because the scarcity of chips for the inverters also plays a role. “I do catch reports that production may be increased and that would mean that some more will be released from the end of May, so I hope that the problem is also solved.”

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For the time being, according to him, there is no question that the scarcity also leads to price increases. “But if that shortage persists, there will be shortages in the market and a price increase cannot be avoided.”

Solar panels on your roof? Please wait



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