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Soundos El Ahmadi: ‘I am pregnant and therefore refused for film role’



Soundos El Ahmadi

Soundos El Ahmadi is pregnant and although she had not yet shared that with her followers, her announcement is not a happy message. The actress accuses a film producer of pregnancy discrimination: at the moment she announced that she was expecting, she said she was no longer allowed to play in the film.

On Instagram, she shares that she was asked for a role in a children’s film. But when she said she was pregnant, it was suddenly said that they had made a different artistic choice. “Soundos El Ahmadi”

“I doubted whether I wanted to share this with you. But I don’t want to sit alone and lonely with my grief. I also want to warn actresses in this industry.


That if they are making life, they should not tell. Because then their life as an actress is over,” says El Ahmadi.

The actress is already the mother of seven-year-old Aaliyah. It is her and her husband Daniel’s second child.

Soundos El Ahmadi: ‘I am pregnant and therefore refused for film role’



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