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James Webb Photos – The European Space Agency (ESA) has commissioned the new James Webb telescope to take pictures of the ‘Pillars of Creation’. That is a star nebula in which many new stars are born.

James Webb Photos

The so-called ‘Pillars of Creation’ are world famous and are among the most photographed star nebulae. Astronomers can now compare the images from the James Webb telescope with all previous images.

The images taken by the Hubble telescope in 1995 were the most beautiful and best pictures of this star nebula to date. The new James Webb telescope is a lot better and more advanced than the Hubble telescope, which is now more than thirty years old. This results in even more spectacular images and better insights for scientists.

Of course, the scientists didn’t photograph the nebula just for fun. Scientists want to use the new images to learn more about how stars form. The nebula contains a lot of dust and gas. That material clumps together, eventually creating a star.


The James Webb telescope was launched last December . The telescope had to be unfolded in space . The stargazer uses many mirrors. They had to be adjusted very precisely. That happened earlier this year.

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In July James Webb took the first pictures with everything perfectly adjusted. The planet Jupiter was then the first to be captured on image. Those photos were published in November .

James Webb Photos


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James Webb Photos