Checkmark chaos on Twitter: new grey check mark, so you can pay for the blue
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Checkmark chaos on Twitter: new grey check mark, so you can pay for the blue

Checkmark chaos on Twitter

Checkmark chaos on Twitter – Twitter will provide official accounts of, for example, governments, companies, media and celebrities with a gray check mark. Previously, a blue check mark was used for this, but that variant will soon be for sale to everyone.

The blue check mark will no longer show that the identity of a Twitter user has been verified. Instead, the blue check mark shows that the user pays $8 ($7.95) per month for the Twitter Blue subscription.

Checkmark chaos on Twitter

In order to show which users of the social network can be trusted, a gray check mark is introduced. Behind this, the addition ‘official’ will be placed to make it clear that it is a checked account.

The grey check mark is not for sale. Twitter only gives this to users if there is a good chance that others will impersonate that person or organization. This should, for example, prevent the spread of fake news.

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Checkmark chaos on Twitter


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Checkmark chaos on Twitter

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