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Get money back after WhatsApp fraud – Every month, criminals steal money from hundreds of people via WhatsApp. “Hi mom, I have a new number. My phone has been stolen and so has my bag. Would you like to transfer 1,000 euros so that I can get through the month?”, they text. Only later does it appear that a criminal has sent the message. Can you still get your money back as a victim?

Get money back after WhatsApp fraud

According to police spokesman Jennifer Schoorlemmer, between 320 and 500 people have been defrauded in this way every month. Some of them figured out the trick, she says. But about 60 percent of this group has lost money. The damage can easily run into the thousands of euros. How do you get such an amount back?

Rick van der Rest of First Aid at Online Fraud says that victims should not give up hope. “Of course you are shocked at such a moment. But since the beginning of last year we have had the non-bank fraud procedure. The victim can request the fraudster via the bank to refund the money or eventually – if that does not happen – receive the personal data to to hire a bailiff yourself.” (Get money back after WhatsApp fraud)

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“That sounds more difficult than it is”, says Van der Rest. “You can engage the bailiff online and the costs will be charged to the fraudster.”


Half received the full amount back or have a payment arrangement in place

The non-bank fraud procedure (PNBF) is a collaboration of the banks in the Netherlands. It is the victim’s way of holding the perpetrator accountable. They can try to recover their money through the bank themselves, without having to wait for an investigation by the police. (Get money back after WhatsApp fraud)

Half of the people who took action in this way received a full refund or have a payment arrangement in place. Every bank now has a web page where you can request the procedure.

Procedure intended purely for the victims

“In the case of WhatsApp fraud, the victim can start the procedure immediately after the first report. The police are only indirectly involved,” says Gijs van der Linden, team leader of the National Internet Fraud Reporting Center of the police. (Get money back after WhatsApp fraud)

“The first step is to file a report,” says Van der Linden. “The PNBF is purely intended for the victims. This gives them the opportunity to hold the perpetrator accountable.”


Van der Linden and Van der Rest emphasize that the procedure can only be started if both the account number of the perpetrator and the victim are Dutch. In addition, you must be able to prove that it is fraud. Van der Linden: “The banks are not allowed to get involved in other disputes.”

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This is how you tackle WhatsApp fraud

  • File a report.
  • Request the non-bank fraud procedure from your bank. You can report fraud to any bank. You can request the procedure via that page. This is often found under the heading ‘secure banking’ or ‘report online fraud’.
  • Your bank sends a refund request to the account holder to whom you transferred the money.
  • Don’t get a refund? Then you will receive the name, address and place of residence of the account holder.
  • You send the declaration and the details of the account holder to the bailiff.
  • The bailiff starts a collection procedure and reclaims the amount of money.


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Get money back after WhatsApp fraud


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