Musk wants to hand over management of Twitter, former CEO Dorsey will not return
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Musk wants to hand over management of Twitter, former CEO Dorsey will not return

management of Twitter

management of Twitter -The new Twitter owner Elon Musk eventually wants to appoint someone else to lead the social media company, 

Reuters news agency reports . It is out of the question that former CEO Jack Dorsey will return.

Musk has confirmed via Twitter that he will continue to lead the company for the foreseeable future. He says it will take some time to put things in order. In addition, the right person must be found to take over management tasks at Twitter.

Musk wants to hand over management of Twitter

Jack Dorsey had previously announced that he does not want to become a director of Twitter again. He answered a question from a Twitter user who wanted to know if he wants to become CEO again with “no”.

Musk is expected to complete the reorganization at Twitter this week. During the first wave of layoffs , almost half of the staff was laid off.

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The employees who have not yet been fired have until today to promise that they will work “long days at high intensity”. Employees who do not want to promise that will also be fired .


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Musk wants to hand over management of Twitter

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