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Lawsuit between Twitter and Elon Musk – The lawsuit between Twitter and Tesla ceo Elon Musk has not yet been suspended, reports Bloomberg news agency. Later this month, the judge will consider whether Musk must adhere to the takeover agreements.

The Delaware court has not yet suspended the lawsuit because no agreement has yet been received from the parties. Earlier this week, Musk announced that he still wants to incorporate Twitter.

According to Bloomberg, Musk tried to force a lower price for Twitter before indicating that he still wanted to buy the social media company for the price of his original bid.

Lawsuit between Twitter and Elon Musk

There were talks in the past week about a discount of up to 30 percent, reports Bloomberg based on insiders. However, Musk and Twitter did not come to an agreement.


Musk made an offer on Twitter in April of 44 billion dollars (44.37 billion euros), but later regretted it. Musk decided in July that he wanted to abandon that deal. According to him, there were far fewer human users of the messaging service than Twitter claims and far more automated accounts or bots.

Twitter then filed a lawsuit. Twitter wants to keep Musk to the acquisition. Musk recently sent a letter to Twitter with the message that he still wants to complete the deal. Why Musk now suddenly wants to continue with the acquisition was not immediately clear from the documents.

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Twitter confirmed on Tuesday that it had received Musk’s renewed takeover bid. That same day, the judge asked both parties to come back with a proposal on how to proceed with the case now.

Now it appears that no so-called ‘clause’ has yet been submitted. Also, a suspension has not yet been requested, according to the judge. Therefore, as far as is known, the trial will begin on October 17.



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