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Landing page optimization – See best practices » Portal Insights
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For a long time now, landing pages (or LPs) have been used strategically to enhance digital marketing results. In free translation, the landing page in question serves to capture leads and increase relationship and sales opportunities for a given brand.

However, before we start, know that you can click here to download the best practices checklist in PDF or keep reading to understand why you should optimize your landing pages.

What is a landing page?

Unlike a website, which has institutional content, the landing page is just a page, and has a very specific informative nature, be it propagating a course, providing written material (e-book), collecting emails for a launch…


… the important thing is that people reach this page, engage with its proposal and make the purchase decision that the brand suggests. And, for this to be possible, it is essential to create a landing page optimized for return.

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There's a way that we really like – and if you're a regular reader of Portal Insights, you already know: through checklists. To-do lists serve two important purposes. The first is to organize the cadence of needs to put up a complete page that makes sense to the user.

The second is to ensure that no details are missing that could impede the progress of the process.


In this post we will talk about what is essential in a landing page, what to count as technical analysis and creative items that cannot be missing so that your company's landing page is the success it deserves.

What is essential in a landing page?

Since the objective of the landing page is to sell a very specific proposal from a brand – be it an individual or legal entity –, the first item on the LP optimization checklist is the visual identity aligned with the company manual. After all, there can be no doubt that certain content is being made available by the responsible organization.

From there, we need to think about the architecture of the page and its unique value proposition (PUV), which concerns the central theme of an LP. In this regard, give preference to:

  • Leave the first fold (first screen) of the landing page dedicated only to the PUV, with a mockup image of the product and a CTA (call to action) calling the user to action;
  • PUV of 6 to 8 words (if there are numbers, prefer odd ones, to give the impression of uniqueness);
  • Use a visible arrow directing the user to the next section of the LP.
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This section should relate to the benefit of the product or service. The writing must be clear and objective and followed by a section with the characteristics of what is offered. Also, don’t miss the FAQ sections and true testimonials with social proof.

Attention: on B2B business landing pages, the use of customer icons also serves as a form of social proof.


And the form? Must have?

It is recommended – but it is not a rule, as today it is very common to see landing pages forwarding directly to WhatsApp, a Telegram group or even a telephone.

Still, it is recommended to use forms because it is through them that you will collect the essential information for capturing the lead. To avoid scaring the user at this stage, opt for a short questionnaire, just with name, email and telephone number, if possible, with labels for these fields always visible.

Other suggestions for fostering interest in the product or service on your landing page are:

  • include a seal of guarantee or approval, by consumers, of what is offered;
  • provide a floating WhatsApp button for immediate contact;
  • ensure that the page is highly responsive (adaptation for mobile and other devices).

Finally, the CTA, or call to action, needs, as the English term says, to be a call to action. Therefore, it is essential that your button carries a verb. For example: use “Chat on WhatsApp” instead of “Contact via WhatsApp”.

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Relevant aspects in landing page optimization

Landing page technical analysis

Professionalism in the construction of the landing page makes the biggest difference in results – and, here, we are not just talking about the design or objectivity of the content, but also the technical analyzes that must be included in its scope for monitoring performance.

The first analysis you should do is: does the website load in less than two seconds? For Google, this is an acceptable amount of time for the user to remain on the page.

Therefore, take measures regarding the size of the images and code. Keep in mind that if a page takes more than 5 seconds to load it will possibly lose the visit to the competition.

Also invest in a heat map tool, which shows where users hover on the landing page. It will be important for promoting potential changes to the page architecture in an objective way, without guesswork.


Likewise, adopt a scroll map tool to know how far users scroll down in your LP. It indicates whether visitors are leaving before the CTA, for example, and can be useful in content strategy.

Creative design and details

No matter how good the content is, especially on the internet, the way it is presented influences – a lot – the final choice of each consumer. That said, working well on the design and creative details of each landing page is essential for its good performance.

In this area, remember that the image of the product or service must attract attention and arouse curiosity so that the person continues on the page, so invest in good photos. What we said previously is also highlighted here: LP's visual identity must be aligned with the brand manual, including its color palette.

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In terms of design, maintain a breathing area at the edges, harmonious colors, correctly aligned elements and an attractive CTA button. If you don't have technical knowledge, hire a graphic designer to give you this help.


Other points of attention are:

  • prepare a copy (text) of up to 60 characters, if text is necessary at the stage in question;
  • make sure images are compressed to ensure fast loading;
  • use variations of the logo, graphics and patterns of the visual identity and brand manual to diversify the design.

Finally, choose high-resolution and quality images that are in line with the context of the ad. They can be photos of people in contextualized situations, mockups demonstrating products and services, vectors with brand colors or even backgrounds with effects, with the copy occupying the useful area of ​​the design.

Conclusion: Landing page optimization brings great results!

To conclude, it is worth remembering that measurement is an important part of the digital marketing strategy, including when it comes to the landing page.

If you are going to invest time and money in a landing page, with a clear objective, you need to track conversion rates on an ongoing basis. Only then will you know if the chosen approach is working.

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One tip is to create a specific indicator to compare the number of people who visit the page and the number of people who fill out the form spontaneously.


Use tools such as the heat map and scroll map in the measurement process, as well as the registration index for the requested information.

If you assertively use the available instruments to find landing page optimization opportunities – in addition to the points mentioned above, your end result is likely to be positive.

Landing page optimization – See best practices » Portal Insights

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Landing page optimization – See best practices » Portal Insights


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Landing page optimization – See best practices » Portal Insights

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Landing page optimization – See best practices » Portal Insights

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