Maintaining love in your couple: how to do it?
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Maintaining love in your couple: how to do it?

Maintaining love in your couple

Maintaining love in your couple – Nowadays, it becomes more and more complicated to make your couple last. A difficult life phase can quickly lead to a breakup. The daily life soon weakened the relationship. What are the stages where vigilance is required to maintain love in a couple? What are the means at your disposal to not let the flame of the beginnings go out?

The couple, an evolving relationship

Maintaining love in your couple

A couple’s life begins with an exhilarating honeymoon period. In your eyes, the faults of the other are erased. The image they send back to you is the ideal one you dreamed of. So that life together is fluid and pleasant. Once this phase of passion is over, some of your partner’s imperfections can cause you problems at times. 

It often happens that we pass the weight of our dissatisfaction on to others. However, to maintain love in your couple, you have to know how to take a step back and show understanding.

When you have met the rare pearl, you want to fully commit to this relationship. This is when you start making plans. It could be, for example, moving in together. It is therefore necessary to agree on less pleasant aspects such as household chores. So there are fewer magic moments and more constraints.

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At this time, the necessary concessions can generate dissatisfaction. Our society gives primacy to individual fulfilment and the satisfaction of our desires. But everything that comes to hinder it is experienced more and more badly. For this reason, couples that last a lifetime are becoming rarer. 

We can rejoice in giving ourselves more chances of being happy in this way. On the other hand, the lack of flexibility and tolerance risks leading you to chronic dissatisfaction and regret.

If your couple manages to overcome the hassles of everyday life, there is still the most important step to take. This stage is where you manage to find long-term harmony together, recognizing that you are two imperfect beings. 

You cannot therefore expect everything from your partner, who alone does not possess the unique key to your happiness. Maintaining love in your couple is possible if you first focus on maintaining your self-esteem. Otherwise, your flaws risk splitting your relationship.

Actions to take to maintain love in your relationship

Maintaining love in your couple

Like any relationship, to last, a romantic relationship needs to be nurtured and nurtured. The worst would be to take the other for granted. Indeed, under these conditions, it is inevitable that one or the other of the two partners seeks the novelty which it lacks outside the couple… Maintaining love in your couple therefore means doing new things together, discoveries, build new projects. A relationship cannot stagnate, because either it advances or it retreats!

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Open couple communication allows you to find solutions to the problems that arise. Keeping your dissatisfaction or misunderstanding to yourself can only reinforce them. Exchanging simply as two friends is also very profitable to maintain the flame . You can share in the evening what you have experienced during the day. 

It is also beneficial to regularly set aside time for deeper conversations. And what could be more pleasant than being able to entrust the happy events of your life to someone? A promotion, a friendly meeting, a funny anecdote… These joyful moments that you talk about together build positive memories for you together. If you have to live in a geographical distance, communication is even more essential to maintain love from a distance .

You need to give your other half attention and respect. You must also show him your love often. As they say, there is no love, only proof  ! You still need to identify your partner’s love language. According to Gary Chapman, these are five in number:

  • words of appreciation;
  • quality time;
  • gifts ;
  • services rendered;
  • physical touch.

It is quite commendable of you to seek to maintain the love in your couple by giving gifts to your loved one. It is perhaps for you a testimony of affection of great value! But it may be that for him it is only a material good devoid of human warmth. Try to find out what would please him the most.

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Maintaining love in your couple

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