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How to make a man addicted: 10 tips



How to make a man addicted 2

How to make a man addicted – You have been in a relationship for a short time and you really want this story to work. The man you are with pleases you a lot and you project yourself. However, there is always the question of reciprocity and the balance to be found at the start of a relationship. On your side, you know that it doesn’t take much for you to fall in love. 

But how to make him also believe in your story and can no longer do without you? If it is obviously always necessary to remain yourself in your couple, nothing prevents you from showing your best side to make this man crazy about you. How do you go about it? How to make a man addicted so that he falls in love and projects himself by your side? Here are 10 tips to adopt so that your darling sees in you the ideal person for him!

How to make a man addicted: 10 tips

#1 Getting wanted

It’s not about setting up an unhealthy game, lying or manipulating your partner. But the adage ”  flee me I follow you, follow me I flee you  ” is not a legend. Also, do not hesitate to make yourself desired a little, not to be available all the time, not to make him the centre of your existence after a few weeks. Take your time and enjoy this game of seduction . The goal is that he misses you!


#2 Live your own life

How to make a man addicted

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have your life on the side. The idea is that you do not put your existence on hold because you have met him. And that you are well in your life with or without him. 

So see your friends, go out, don’t change all your habits for him. His interest in him will be all the stronger when he sees that you are an active, sociable person and that you can please others. Not to make him jealous, but to make him realize your value!

#3 Be mature in the relationship (How to make a man addicted)

At the beginning, a relationship often needs a break-in time, to find its rhythm, the time that each takes its marks with the other. It doesn’t stop you from saying what you think, want and feel. Just keep in mind that this is the beginning, so don’t start blaming him for everything, sulking, doubting. If you don’t like something, tell it but in a calm and sincere way, know how to balance and nuance your words. This is how he will see you as a mature person.

#4 Enter your life slowly but surely

If it is therefore in good taste to take your time at the start of a relationship, the relationship has to start. Some couples fall in love and are fused, but it is rare for love passion to last long. And there, the goal is for him to fall in love with you. 


To do this, enter his life slowly but surely, with little messages, appointments, little rituals to put in place gently. These little habits will help create a bond between you, bring you closer and show him that you are a serious person who is not afraid of commitment.

#5 Let it breathe

Spending time together, yes; suffocate him, no. Jealousy, being on his back all the time, wanting to see him all the time, sending him 50 messages a day… That’s how you’re going to scare him away! He, like you, needs to share quality time together while keeping your personal space on your own. Don’t forget, the goal is to create in him the desire to see you again, the lack, the desire , the interest for you. This is how his feelings can come to light.

How to make a man addicted: 5 more tips

#6 Spice up the relationship

How to make a man addicted

Knowing how to surprise him, not falling into a routine from the outset is important for the relationship to start well and become anchored in the long term. Be careful, after a while, it is normal for a certain routine to set in in a couple, but not from the start and above all it should not be synonymous with boredom. 

So be unpredictable, funny, full of surprises! Spice up this relationship by making him laugh, by making you want, by being full of mystery and surprises. The goal is for him to discover the richness of your personality and become attached to it to the point of falling in love!


#7 Share moments with friends and yours

If it’s too early to introduce him to your whole family, after a few dates, a few weeks or a few months of relationship, it’s a good idea to share moments together with your friends. Why ? Because it will allow him to see how you are in society, to see that there is no lag compared to the times when you are only the two of you. 

And we’re not going to lie to each other, the introduction to friends is often a test, a way to be accepted by those around you. If he doesn’t need validation from his friends to be with you, it’s still a good point for you if he feels comfortable with you in their presence. It’s a sign that he can project himself.

How to make a man addicted

#8 Take an interest in him

It is important to take an interest in him, what he likes, what he does for a living. If he has a hobby, a passion, a job that he adores… This must be done in a reciprocal way, it is not up to you to adapt to him all the time. But a couple is made of compromises and concessions. 


So if you’re not a football or basketball fan but he is, watching a game or going to see him play from time to time is a good idea. This will show him that you really care about him. Good communication between you and the sharing of your centres of interest are founding elements of a couple that lasts.

#9 Let him take initiative

So far, you’ve mostly been told what you need to do to get your man hooked. There, we advise you to let it be. He must understand that you are not at his disposal and that the relationship must be two. Doing everything in its place, being the only one of the two partners to care about your relationship is a mistake. 

The watchword: reciprocity. Let him send the first text, arrange your next meeting, worry about you. This will prove to him that you are not dependent on him, that you want a balanced relationship but also that you let him take charge of the future of your story. This mark of confidence and maturity can make all the difference.


#10 In conclusion, don’t take it for granted!

A relationship, if it must be spontaneous and sincere, always requires adjustments and a balance to be found. At the beginning, we don’t know each other yet, and in order not to take the risk of romantic incompatibility , it’s healthy to take your time but also not to tell yourself after two months that everything is fine. Taking the other for granted is the mistake not to make. 

You, like him, must learn to discover and seduce each other in order to move forward. So it’s not because you’ve ticked off each of the previous tips once everything is won and your man will be addicted to you. No, this is done over time, this is how you will put love into your budding relationship.



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How to make a man addicted

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