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Seduce your wife: 3 tips to rekindle the flame



Seduce your wife

Seduce your wife – When you’ve been in a relationship for several years, you tend to take the other for granted and no longer seduce him/her. We get into a routine, we get up, we go to work, we come home and we’re exhausted so we dine quickly, sometimes even in front of the TV and we go to bed. 

And I’m not even talking about whether there are children in the equation. And the couple in all that? In this article, I will give you three simple tips to seduce his wife (or rather re-seduce her)! Go!

Seduce your wife

1/ Seduce his wife by paying attention to her look

Forget joggers, flip-flops with socks, oversized sweatshirts. Do you like seeing your wife with pretty dresses and beautiful underwear? It’s the same for her!


 And if you want his desire for you to come back, it also goes through your look. Pay a little attention to the choice of your clothes, even on weekends! Well-tailored jeans, a simple t-shirt or a nice sweater will do just fine, no need to make a fuss of them!

Don’t forget the underwear either! When you undress in the evening or during a hug, if she falls on your torn socks and your old underpants that date from the time when you met, the desire can quickly go down again.

Today there are plenty cool and trendy brands that know how to enhance your body so take advantage of them! I’m thinking in particular of the men’s underwear collection from   afrilatest marketplace, there’s something for everyone and it’s hot! Seduce your wife

Seduce your wife

Example of a basic that always works! A navy blue seamless boxer. Not only in terms of comfort will you be at the top, but it’s also pleasing to the eyes! (Not to mention that for once, it’s made in France! So, if your friend is a little sensitive to ecology and ethics, she will be delighted!).

2/ Don’t forget the everyday gestures to seduce her again

Sometimes it just takes the little things to  rekindle the flame in your relationship . Daily gestures are extremely important, so here are some ideas to do several times a week (and not for 1 week only!)

  • Hold her hand
  • Tell him I love you
  • Stroke her hair
  • Take her in your arms
  • Ask her how she’s doing (and really listen to her response)
  • Look her straight in the eye
  • Slip him a  love note  under the pillow before leaving
  • Give him compliments

3/ To seduce your wife, surprise her regularly

No need for a surprise trip to the Maldives to surprise your wife (even if it’s a safe bet that she would be delighted!). To surprise her, there are lots of little things to do:

  • Run him a bath
  • Bring breakfast to bed
  • Write her a  love letter
  • Take tickets to a concert she dreams of attending
  • Wait for him to watch the continuation of the series that you started together
  • Prepare her a romantic dinner
  • Take her to a tango class
  • Go back for a drink where you met

You will understand, seducing his wife is not that complicated. What is is to do it every day and not let the routine and difficulties of everyday life encroach on your love. 

Think of your wife every day, imagine that she is a flower that needs water and sunshine every day to bloom and grow more and more. Her water and her sun are you, and your attentions, so don’t wait until it’s too late to show her how important she is to you.



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Seduce your wife

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