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launch lunar rocket – NASA won’t try to launch its lunar rocket again until next month. The launch should take place sometime between November 12 and 27, the U.S. Space Agency has announced.

The rocket would actually be launched last Tuesday from cape canaveral launch site in the US state of Florida. But that didn’t happen because of a hurricane.

NASA won’t make another attempt to launch lunar rocket

The launch has now been postponed three times. The first launch attempt did not go through, because it was not possible to get one of the four rocket engines to the right temperature. And in the run-up to the second attempt, NASA discovered a leak while filling the fuel tank with liquid hydrogen.

The United States wants to bring people to the moon in a few years for the first time since 1972 and bring them back again. As a dress rehearsal, a spacecraft without people on board has to make the difficult crossing. That mission is called Artemis I.


The spacecraft is scheduled to fly towards the moon in about a month and a half. Then it spins around it for a few circles, after which it comes back to Earth. The flight should end with a splash in the Pacific Ocean, with the spacecraft hanging from parachutes. launch lunar rocket

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The SLS is the most powerful rocket ever and has been specially developed for the Artemis lunar program. At the very top of that launcher is the Orion, the new craft that has to go to the moon and back. The rear part, which provides energy and propulsion, has been developed by Europe. The solar panels that generate electricity come from Leiden.


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