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Track your leads’ journey using the marketing funnel
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We have already started this article in a controversial way and declaring that: no, the marketing funnel it is not the same thing as the sales funnel. Although both are used to optimize your processes and increase your profits, it is important to know the impact that each of them can have on your processes.

Over the next few paragraphs, we will explore the universe of the marketing funnel and understand how it came about, what are the steps involved, how it can be used and what positive effects it can generate for your company.

Here's a spoiler: this technique can significantly interfere with creating a bond between you and your leads. More than a formality, it is an alternative to generating value in your segment and strengthening your presence.
Let's go?

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How did the marketing funnel come about?

You know that concept that is so present and consistent that it's difficult to say when it started to be used? The marketing funnel looks like this. Despite being very old, the definition of this technique has undergone several adaptations to reach what it is today, having accompanied political, social and marketing changes.

But we can attribute the designation most consistent with what we have today to the American philosopher William James, who in the 19th century recorded the perception that people go through many stages before deciding to buy a product or service.

It was in the 60s and 70s that this resource began to be used more effectively in marketing and advertising agencies. And in 1990, another twist in this trajectory came: the publication of the work “Crossing the Chasm”, by Geoffrey Moore.

It was in this book that the marketing funnel was divided into five stages: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. Later on we will address each of them.


What are the stages of the marketing funnel?

Now that you know a little about the history of this tool, it’s time to learn about the stages of the marketing funnel. And look: if you've ever read the term ToFu somewhere and were confused wondering why an ingredient was in that context, you'll finally have your answer.

In the end, ToFu, MoFu and BoFu define the three main phases of the marketing funnel. Let's get to know them:

  • Top of the funnel (ToFu) – Here we are still at the beginning of the process. It is necessary to consider that leads do not yet know your company, much less your products and services. For now, the intention is to draw attention and create curiosity about a topic you have in common. Having a smart SEO system is crucial to success.
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  • Middle of the funnel (MoFu) – At this point, your leads already know your values, your services and are considering you to be your customers. Here, your role is a little different: you must bring education and awareness about what you offer to keep leads warm until the next step. Content marketing is the big key here.

  • Bottom of the funnel (BoFu) – You’re almost closing the deal! The customer is ready and is just waiting for the certainty that your company is the best option to close a deal. Its mission is to provide specific information, taking into account the customer's broader knowledge, to show their differences and finally generate the purchasing decision.

How to follow up on leads?

Once you understand all these steps, you need to understand how leads are followed up. We have separated five steps so that you can manage this without complications and with effective data capture.

Step identification.

The first step is somewhat obvious, but cannot be skipped under any circumstances. We are talking, of course, about identifying the marketing stage in which the lead is. You can do this through interactions, surveys, forms, email open rates, analysis of website visits and others.

Creation of personalized content.

This is one of the most inspiring parts of the entire funnel, as well as one of the most strategic and important. Once you understand how much your lead knows about your business, it's time to generate content that will meet exactly what they need. Whether through email marketing, blog posts or content on social media, it’s time to put your creativity to work.

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Monitoring interactions.

Now that you've sent your personalized content, how about evaluating the engagement it generated? The idea of ​​the funnel is continuity, that is, ensuring that the next stages of the purchasing journey are reached with agility and assertiveness. Analyzing feedback and monitoring the activities of your contacts is a way to know if they are actually making progress, or just being impacted.

Automate your marketing.

This is where we differentiate between great marketing actions and those that will be forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. There's no point in thinking that you can feed and track your entire marketing funnel without help. If you don't have adequate planning, your results will be greatly impacted.

A marketing automation tool like Dinamize can be an accelerator in your inbound marketing plan. After all, this will increase the sending of your content and increase your chances of conversion.

Define metrics

The big secret of monitoring the marketing funnel is not taking every possible action: it is knowing exactly what your objective is. Having clear and possible metrics for each stage of the funnel is an excellent alternative for understanding points for improvement and achieving greater success in your plans.


The five phases of the product life cycle.

We promised, and we delivered. There are the five phases of the product life cycle, according to Geoffrey Moore. Pay close attention, as this content can help you understand how your leads make decisions.

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Innovators: are the first to adopt a new technology or product. They generally have a higher risk profile and are willing to try new things before most people. They are a small portion of the market, but their adoption is important to create momentum and excitement around the product.

They are always at the forefront of consumption. They are not afraid to dare, they like to try products and indicate whether they are good or not.

First potential customers for a new product, right after the innovators. They take risks and explore new technologies, but are a little more conservative than innovators.


They need to know that your product works. They will buy as soon as they have certainty and guarantees that they are making a good purchase.

They need even more proof than the initial majority to feel comfortable with a purchase. It is an important and significant movement, but it takes a while to arrive.

This is the last group to adopt your product. They don't like to take risks and they are a small part of the market, but they must be worked on very well.

How to take the first step to follow the marketing funnel?

Now that you've become an expert in the marketing funnel, it's time to take the first steps to enhance contact with your leads. We know that this beginning can give you some butterflies, and we came to help.

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Dinamize is one of the main automation platforms in Brazil. We deliver technologies that integrate, optimize and evaluate your interactions with stakeholders, allowing you to reach portions of leads that would previously have been inaccessible.

As an incentive for you to practice everything we teach here, we are offering a free trial for our platform. It's worth visiting, getting to know, exploring and using all our resources in an unlimited way.

Then come tell us what you think and how your marketing funnel improved!


Track your leads’ journey using the marketing funnel

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Track your leads’ journey using the marketing funnel


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Track your leads’ journey using the marketing funnel

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Track your leads’ journey using the marketing funnel

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