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PB Djarum Produces Quality Badminton Players Through Partner Club Championships

Jakarta, – A total of 363 badminton athletes from 27 PB Djarum partner clubs took part in the 2024 Partner Club Championship at GOR Djarum, Jati, Kudus, Central Java, 20-24 February 2024.

This competition accelerates the abilities, talents and techniques of PB Djarum partner club athletes spread across 19 cities in Indonesia.


The championship, which was held by PB Djarum together with the Djarum Foundation Sports Service, made young athletes fight to reach the highest podium through fierce competition.

PB Djarum Team Manager Fung Permadi said the 2024 PB Djarum Partner Club Championship was an effort to present a competitive tournament for young athletes. With this experience of meeting opponents from various regions in Indonesia, it is hoped that the athletes can improve their abilities so that they will strengthen their hopes of becoming badminton heroes and making Indonesia proud in the future.

“This championship is an opportunity for athletes who are affiliated with partner clubs to measure their abilities through competitive matches with the hope that when they return from this competition they will bring valuable provisions that can improve their abilities when competing at higher levels,” he said when event closing press conference which was monitored online, Saturday (24/2/2024).

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This championship is also real support for partner clubs as the vanguard of driving the badminton ecosystem in the region to continue developing young athletes.


“So far, it has been regional clubs that have had direct contact with developing athletes at a very early age. “As the front guard who contributes to the development of the national badminton ecosystem, they must also be given attention so that they continue to grow and produce quality athletes,” he said.

The 2024 PB Djarum Partner Club Championship will compete in four categories, namely U-9, U-11, U-13 and U-15. In the U-9 and U-11 categories, singles, U-13 (singles and doubles), and U-15 (doubles).

Meanwhile, the 363 athletes who competed in this championship came from various regions in Indonesia, such as Nias, North Sumatra, to Manado, North Sulawesi.

Chair of the 2024 PB Djarum Partner Club Championship Organizing Committee, Sigit Budiarto, said that this event was a golden opportunity to accelerate and equalize the abilities of PB Djarum partner club athletes. It is hoped that with increasing ability, quality athletes will be born in various parts of Indonesia.


“This championship gives athletes fostered by PB Djarum partner clubs additional flying hours outside of the existing badminton competition calendar. “So we hope that young athletes can take advantage of this to accelerate their abilities so they can achieve more,” he explained.

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“Meanwhile, for partner clubs, this event is intended to spread knowledge in developing young athletes so that even though the club is located in the region, it can still carry out an effective coaching pattern in developing the athletes' talents and abilities,” Sigit explained.

One of the young athletes who emerged as champion in this championship was Aqila Zyan Noufalin, who competed in the U-9 Women's category after stopping the resistance of Della Alvera Telaumbanua from PB Suluh.

After losing the opening game, this young badminton player from Ariesta Semarang was able to recover in the second game and seal victory in the deciding game with a score of 17-21, 21-13, 21-19.


“Earlier No “I feel tired, basically I try to keep chasing points until the end,” said Zyan.

Apart from holding the championship, PB Djarum also presents sharing sessions with mixed doubles coach Richard Mainaky who discussed coaching young athletes with partner clubs. In this event, partner club coaches shared knowledge and experience as well as challenges in developing young athletes.

“In sharing sessions Today I will share more of my experiences as a coach, to motivate coaches from PB Djarum's partner clubs. I emphasize building motivation, before technical matters, because the first thing a coach needs to have is instinct or instinct,” he said.

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Richard said that talent can be formed. “Before talent, the coach must be observant in seeing the aura of an athlete,” said the coach who led Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir to the gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.


PB Djarum Produces Quality Badminton Players Through Partner Club Championships

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