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How to make a one-page marketing plan (with template) » Portal Insights
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one page marketing plan

Every Digital Marketing professional will, at one time or another, be faced with the challenge of having to create a marketing plan from scratch. The objective of this guide is to go beyond theoretical explanations about one of a company's most important documents but also to offer a template, with examples, for you to be able to apply – regardless of your level of knowledge.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is the central document within an organization that should be the basis for any marketing-related decision. Good planning answers the following questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What is my main message (Unique Value Proposition) for this audience?
  3. What channels will we explore to reach this audience?
  4. How will we generate leads?
  5. How are we going to nurture and qualify these leads?
  6. How are we going to convert these leads into customers?
  7. How are we going to measure and guarantee a good after-sales experience?
  8. How will you increase the LTV (Life Time Value) of these customers?
  9. How are we going to encourage these customers to recommend our company?
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Does it seem too complicated to develop a marketing plan?

Don't worry. In this text we will teach you how to create a marketing plan in a simple and, at the same time, extremely functional way. Our goal is that by the time you finish this guide, you will be able to create an executable, easily compressible marketing plan for anyone within your organization.


Step by step to create your marketing plan

As we have seen, there are some basic questions that a good marketing plan must answer. The way you organize these answers will depend on two factors:

  • Internal standards: Does your company do everything in an Excel spreadsheet, in a Google Docs document or within its own management system? Each company organizes its documents in a specific way and we always recommend that you create a marketing plan without straying too far from this standard.
  • Communication: Do your managers require more formal communication or do you have the freedom to be direct and succinct? Adapting the communication of the marketing plan to the communication of your company's decision-makers can be a critical factor for it to be taken seriously.

As a rule, we recommend that all planning be clear to all company professionals (including people outside the marketing area), as succinct as possible and in a format that is accessible – for example, in Google Sheets where anyone with a link can access.

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Therefore, our step by step is based on these principles.

Step 1 – Download the template available at the end of this article
Step 2 – Schedule a brainstorm with the people who make sense (usually the decision makers in your company)
Step 3 – After brainstorming, fill out the template
Step 4 – Validate the marketing plan with decision makers (it is very important that they are aligned)
Step 5 – Share the document with the entire company and revisit it monthly to see if it still makes sense

This last step is important because all good marketing planning is changeable. He just can't change, he needs to change to stay relevant.


Download the One Page Marketing Planning template now

Now that you understand the concepts and steps to create and execute your marketing plan, we offer the marketing plan template below.

marketing planning template

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How to make a one-page marketing plan (with template) » Portal Insights

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How to make a one-page marketing plan (with template) » Portal Insights

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How to make a one-page marketing plan (with template) » Portal Insights

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How to make a one-page marketing plan (with template) » Portal Insights

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