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Bob Dylan has apologized for using a so-called car pen to sign his art and copies of his book The Philosophy of Modern Song.

“I have been informed that there has been a fuss about autographs on some of my recent artworks and in a special edition of the book The Philosophy Of Modern Song,” the singer-songwriter and artist writes on his Facebook page.

“I have always signed every art print by hand, but since 2019 I have been suffering from severe dizziness. In addition, the corona pandemic prevented me from doing my job. My team and I have therefore sought a safe and workable way to help sign my work.”

Bob Dylan apologizes for copying signature with machine

Dylan says contractual deadlines led him to use a car pen, a machine that writes signatures. “I have been assured that it is more often used in the art and literary world,” he writes. The artist now calls the use of the machine “an error of judgment”. “I’m working with my publisher Simon & Schuster and my gallery partners to correct that mistake. My sincere apologies.”


The American publisher Simon & Schuster admitted more than a week ago that the supposedly hand-signed copies of Dylan’s book The Philosophy of Modern Song contained replicas of his signature. The replicas were made with a car pen. Buyers paid $599 (574 euros) for the signed book.

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The publisher has announced that the buyers of the books will get their money back and can keep their copies.

Bob Dylan apologizes for copying signature with machine


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Bob Dylan apologizes for copying signature with machine

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